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The David S. Rosenbaum Scholarship Returns for 2019!

The Video Game Bar Association is pleased to announce that its David S. Rosenbaum Scholarship is open for submissions until March 15, 2019. Named in honor of David S. Rosenbaum, a co-founder of the VGBA and respected pillar in the field of video game law who passed away in 2018, the scholarship aims to encourage and reward student interest in the field of interactive entertainment law.

Entries will be judged based on writing quality, timeliness of topic, insight offered by submission, strength of conclusion, and overall impression. The student receiving the highest review score will receive an honorarium of $2,500, an invitation to attend the 7th VGBA Summit in Los Angeles, and will have their article published as part of a new VGBA Law Journal. To enter, applicants will submit an original paper on a current legal-focused topic pertaining to the video game industry. Examples may include issues related to Intellectual Property, Right of Publicity, Privacy and Data Security, or Taxation.

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of VGBA accredited members.

If you have any additional questions or comments on participation, please contact Diana at diana@vgba.org. If you are interested in making a contribution to the David Rosenbaum Scholarship Fund, please contact Joseph Olin joseph@vgba.org.

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