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David Rosenbaum Scholarship

The VGBA Student Writing Scholarship Program returns 4-times larger for 2018

It is with a mixture of sorrow and pride that we announce that the VGBA Scholarship program has been renamed after David Rosenbaum, who recently passed away.

The David Rosenbaum Student Writing Scholarship recognizes law school students who demonstrate the ability to communicate an opinion on a topical aspect of interactive entertainment law. The renamed VGBA program reflects a commitment of Patrick Sweeney and the Interactive Entertainment Law group to honor their former partner and allows up to 4 scholarships to be awarded each year.

“David and I always shared a desire to help encourage and reward student interest in the field of interactive entertainment law,” said Patrick Sweeney, VGBA co-founder and President, “It seemed only fitting that the organization that we had started find a way to recognize his contributions and how significant he was to so many people in the law.”

Entries will be judged based on writing quality, timeliness of topic, insight offered by submission, strength of conclusion, and overall impression. Up to four students who receive the highest review scores will receive an honorarium of $2,500 to further their educations. Additionally, the student with the highest ranked submission will receive an invitation to attend the 6th VGBA Summit in Los Angeles, and will have their article published as part of a new VGBA Law Journal.

To enter, applicants will submit an original paper on a current legal-focused topic pertaining to the video game industry. Examples may include issues related to Intellectual Property, Right of Publicity, Privacy and Data Security, or Taxation. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of VGBA accredited members.

If you have any additional questions or comments on participation, please contact Diana at diana@vgba.org. If you would be interested in making a contribution to the David Rosenbaum Scholarship Fund, please contact Joseph Olin joseph@vgba.org.

>> Submissions Are Now Closed <<

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Memorial for David S. Rosenbaum

It is with great sadness that I share with you the recent passing of David S. Rosenbaum, attorney and co-founder of the Video Game Bar Association.

Choosing to work with David was always a great decision; regardless of what side of the issue you were on. He always came to the table prepared. Perhaps one of David’s great talents was the ability to clarify situations so that his clients would benefit in a usually humorous manner. Oh, and being somewhat relentless in advocating for his clients.

Much like the videogame industry, David’s career started in one direction and quickly moved to the rhythm of what was then “new” video games they became increasingly popular. His years at Paramount Studios as in-house counsel for their Marketing & Licensing division put him in perfect stead for the rapid growth and dramatic changes that have characterized the videogame industry over the past 20 years.

It was very apparent to David that the application of law to video games was distinctly different than other forms of entertainment. It was in the constant communication with some of his friends and colleagues as they searched for solutions to common problems that served as the inspiration for he and Patrick Sweeney to create the Video Game Bar Association. Their goal was to try and give back to their profession and to help those attorneys whose practices focused on games and interactive entertainment. David’s commitment to the success of the VGBA was apparent as he was able to organize the first VGBA Summit in 2013 while fully engaged with his clients.

It was perhaps fated or fitting that David elected to join Patrick at the Interactive Entertainment Law Group as a Senior Partner. As the two had so often complimented and collaborated each other it just seemed to be the perfect place.

For those of us who worked with David directly, his “let’s get this done” attitude, occasional pun and 80’s references were things to enjoy in every meeting. Oh, and of course over the course of a long evening’s meal, the conversation would become even more lively.

As a tribute to all that David gave, we are pleased to announce that the VGBA Student Scholarship will now be known as the Davis S. Rosenbaum Scholarship and through the generosity of Patrick Sweeney and the Interactive Entertainment Law Group the scholarship fund has doubled. David would be puzzled by the former, but thrilled about the latter.

For all of you who have enjoyed being VGBA members, attended a VGBA Summit or networking panel, please take a moment to remember that these things and more were the result of the commitment and dedication of David Rosenbaum.

May he rest in peace.