Pokémon Go developer Niantic will now need a permit to use Milwaukee county parks in its game

The Milwaukee county board passed an ordinance last week that will require Pokémon Go developer Niantic to acquire a permit to use the county’s park locations in the location-based monster-catching simulator. The board enacted this new rule in response to claims that Pokémon Go players caused thousands of dollars in damage to area parks that the county had to pay for itself. This rule won’t affect players because the Milwaukee board is only interested in targeting the company responsible for creating the game.
Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2017/02/06/pokemon-go-developer-niantic-will-now-need-a-permit-to-use-milwaukee-county-parks-in-its-game/

Image: “McKinley Park” by Ryan Tir – https://www.flickr.com/photos/ryan_tir/4573282948/ – Licensed under Creative Commons.

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