The limits of free speech (when you have 50 million YouTube subscribers)

There is an increasing amount of noise surrounding “freedom of speech,” “fake news,” and everyone’s right to be heard. This has particular bearing on the gaming community, where the term “freedom of speech” is often used incorrectly.


Image: “PewDiePie at PAX 2015” by camknows – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Twitter announces first potentially effective measures to prevent abuse

Twitter revealed three new measures to make its platform safer for users, chief among them preventing abusive account users from making a new account and marking the first potentially effective step in curbing harassment. Twitter announced the news on its blog, and listed the three new measures the company was going to implement soon.


Image: “Twitter” by Andreas Eldh – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Pokémon Go passes $1 billion in revenue on mobile devices

Pokémon Go has grossed over $1 billion in revenue since it was launched on July 6 last year. In less than seven months, Niantic’s mobile game on iOS and Android has become the fastest-growing mobile game in history in revenues.

Image: “pokemon go” by PaintImpact – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

EA partners with ESPN for FIFA esports broadcasts

Electronic Arts is teaming up with broadcasters to create a big audience for its esports tournaments. EA announced the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series competition, which will be the first gaming competition to appear on the ESPN flagship network. Meanwhile, the Madden NFL Championship Series and Madden Bowl will be broadcast on NFL Network and Univision.

Image: ” ESPN The Weekend 2008 050″ by Matt Dempsey – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Pokémon Go developer Niantic will now need a permit to use Milwaukee county parks in its game

The Milwaukee county board passed an ordinance last week that will require Pokémon Go developer Niantic to acquire a permit to use the county’s park locations in the location-based monster-catching simulator. The board enacted this new rule in response to claims that Pokémon Go players caused thousands of dollars in damage to area parks that the county had to pay for itself. This rule won’t affect players because the Milwaukee board is only interested in targeting the company responsible for creating the game.

Image: “McKinley Park” by Ryan Tir – – Licensed under Creative Commons.