Washington Gambling Commission demands end to Valve CS:GO skin gambling

The Washington State Gambling Commission today announced that it has told Valve to “immediately stop allowing the transfer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive virtual weapons for gambling activities” through its retail outlet Steam. The state body, which regulates gambling in Valve’s home state, said it had given the company until Oct. 14 to respond and “explain how it is in full compliance with Washington’s gambling laws or it will risk having the Gambling Commission take additional civil or criminal action.”


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Developer seeking Steam users’ identities for lawsuit withdraws case, saying his studio ‘is destroyed’

Digital Homicide was granted a motion for dismissal of its $18 million lawsuit against the Steam users, whom the studio alleged had committed harassment with scathing reviews, comments and criticisms of Digital Homicide’s games and co-founders. The two-man studio that sought to subpoena Valve for the personal information of 100 Steam users is withdrawing all of its legal actions, saying recent events and bad publicity surrounding them have wiped out their business and their ability to pursue a lawsuit.


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Every Fig backer can finally pony up for Psychonauts 2

The Fig equity crowdfunding platform has finally finished its review process with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. That means non-accredited investors who made reservations to fund games like Psychonauts 2 months ago now have the opportunity to actually purchase equity in the game.


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Ubisoft survives stockholder meeting, prepares for hostile takeover

At its most recent stockholder meeting, Ubisoft resisted Vivendi’s attempts at a takeover. But company insiders feel that the war for control of the creators of games like Assassin’s Creed, The Division, and Rayman has just begun, and is likely to end in a hostile takeover.

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No Man’s Sky under investigation for false advertising

No Man’s Sky’s promotional material is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the U.K.-based Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following “several complaints about No Man’s Sky’s advertising,” which angry customers have criticized as misleading.

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Spurned Pokemon Go players file complaints with federal government

More than 70 Pokémon Go players who see themselves as victims of the game have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission since the game’s July launch. Of the 72 complaints filed about the game through Sept. 13, 56 were directed at Pokémon Go developer Niantic with the bulk of the rest spread between Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.

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Nintendo Patent Application – Accessory and Information Processing System

Several patent applications filed by Nintendo this past January were published online today, and their contents are reminiscent of recent reports about the company’s next game console, known only as the NX.

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Riot Sues Makers of League of Legends Cheating Software

Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against LeagueSharp, a cheating software for League of Legends that automates gameplay, locates enemies and boosts accuracy, allowing players to gain experience at an inhuman rate.

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Metroid 2 fan remake finally released, quickly hit with copyright claims

AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake will remain in development, its creator said, despite Nintendo’s copyright claim on the project. Although Metroid fans can no longer download the enhanced, unofficial revamp of the Game Boy classic, developer DoctorM64 is committed to working on the project for the foreseeable future.

Read more at http://www.polygon.com/2016/8/8/12404100/metroid-2-fan-remake-am2r-copyright-claim

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No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is working with Sony

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is working with Sony to retract content claims lodged against YouTubers discussing new details, like the game’s first patch notes.

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