Nintendo’s Switch patents may have one more big secret to reveal

Speculation based on Nintendo’s patents have led to some theories about the Switch. Nintendo’s Switch will include a gyroscope, GPS, touchscreen, compass, motion tracking, image recognition and the ability to project images onto a flat surface or hand, if the company’s patents for the system remain accurate.


Image: “Nintendo Switch” by Domenico – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

New post Samsung took down Video of the GTA 5 Phone MOD

Samsung filed a copyright claim on a viral video of a Grand Theft Auto V mod that turns the explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 into a bomb. The video was initially taken down. The video’s creator, who goes by the handle sdaddy345, said he’d filed a “counter-claim” against Samsung. It appears to have worked, and the video is back up.


Image: “Lr43_L1000033” by Aaron Yoo – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Massive DDoS attack affecting PSN, some Xbox Live apps (update)

A major distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that caused issues across the internet and affected gaming services such as the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, according to their status pages.


Image: ” Error 404 (Not Found)!!1” by Rick Turoczy – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Apple Sues Mobile Star for Selling Counterfeit Power Adapters and Charging Cables through Amazon

Apple sued Mobile Star on Monday for allegedly selling counterfeit power adaptors and charging cables on Amazon. Filing the trademark lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Apple says that Mobile Star is advertising fake accessories as the real thing.


Image: “Lightning Cable” by William Warby – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

[Update] Valve to Respond to Washington Gambling Commission After Given Deadline

The Washington State Gambling Commission said that Valve had until October 14 to “respond and explain” how Steam is now in compliance with state gambling laws. After missing their initial deadline to respond, Valve has issued a lengthy letter against assertions that skin betting was in any way their doing.


Image: ” Gambling cat” by gchampeau – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Disney’s Lucasfilm Sues Academy That Teaches People How to Use Lightsabers

After opening several Star Wars-themed businesses, a man named Michael Brown has been sued by Lucasfilm for infringing on its intellectual property. A lawsuit against Brown was filed for the operation of businesses that include New York Jedi, the Lightsaber Academy and Thrills and Skills.


Image: “jedi academy” by cplbasilisk – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

SAG-AFTRA Threatens Strike Against Videogame Companies

The SAG-AFTRA National Board of Directors has set a Friday strike date against video game employers should they not agree to a new deal. The union announced it will go on strike against several companies. Unless a deal is struck during bargaining sessions scheduled for the first part of this week, all games that went into production after Feb. 17, 2015 for those employers will be struck.


Image: “Microphone” by pEte – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Pro Overwatch Player Fined For ‘Lewd Comment’ About Interviewer

Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen, a member of competitive Overwatch’s Team EnVyUs, was fined by the South Korean esports network OGN for making “a lewd comment” in a Twitch chat about one of its interviewers. Taimou made his sexist remarks during an interview with Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch of REUNITED after the latter was defeated 3-0 by Team Runaway.


Image: “GC15_39” by Marco Wutz – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

In re Sony PS3 “Other OS” Litigation

Sony customers who purchased one of the original launch PlayStation 3 consoles can now submit claims in a nationwide class-action lawsuit regarding the company’s removal of Linux support from the system, according to a settlement notice.


Image: “PS3” by credit_00 – – Licensed under Creative Commons.

Infamous Lizard Squad attacks on Sony, Microsoft lead to federal charges

Two teenagers have been charged with cyber crimes related to the 2014 holiday attacks that brought down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Those distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks knocked millions of customers offline, rendering the gaming networks useless and costing Sony and Microsoft both money and goodwill with fans. Zachary Buchta of Fallston, Maryland and Bradley Jan Willem Van Rooy of Leiden, the Netherlands were charged by U.S. attorneys in federal court for “conspiring to cause damage to protected computers.”


Image: “Lizard” by Timo – – Licensed under Creative Commons.